Google Is Going to Shut Down Its Inbox Email App

Google Is Going to Shut Down Its Inbox Email App

The internet search giant Google has decided to shut down its inbox email app by the end of March 2019. The news was confirmed by the company in a blog post. But Google has not yet revealed the exact date of the shutdown and suggested the Inbox app users to switch to Gmail.

Aiming at improving Gmail, Google brought the best features from Inbox. In the new Gmail, the users can find workflows that are similar to those in Inbox.

The Inbox app was launched in the year 2014 for the users who could only do limited things with Gmail. It was basically an experimental platform to test various features which were later incorporated in Gmail.

The Inbox app has some features which were not available on Gmail. Matthew Izatt, Gmail product manager, declared the news in a blog post which addressed the Inbox users as “All your conversations are waiting for you in Gmail”. This basically means that the Inbox app users don’t need to shift their stored mails to Gmail.

Google Is Going to Shut Down Its Inbox Email App

He further added, “Inbox was a great platform to experiment with the new ideas and to try the latest AI-powered experiences like Nudges, Smart Reply and high-priority notifications.

He concluded the post by saying “we know the decision can cause inconvenience for the users and for this reason we have created a transition guide to them to switch from Inbox to new Gmail.”

Recently, Google updated its Gmail app with some new features. The new update includes smart compose, new design which is acquired from Inbox app. As of now, the Inbox app has joined the list of other Google services like Google URL Shortener and Google Reader which do not exist now.

There are still some features that Google has to migrate from Inbox, especially the “bundles” that put similar emails together in a single block. Google said it will incorporate these features in Gmail but didn’t give any timeline for it.

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