Check Your EPFO Balance Through These Easy Steps

check your epfo balance through these easy steps

You may already be knowing about Employees Provident Fund. If you wish to access the balance in your EPF but are not able to do so, you can go about checking it through a unique number allotted to you by the EPFO , known as the Universal Account Number

If you don’t have UAN, you can have it generated by your employer in order to learn about your PF deductions. A person needs to have a single UAN regardless of the number of job switches done. It is a universal account number which links multiple and separate EPF accounts.

Follow the steps given below to know about your account and PF passbook:

  • Step 1: Login on the website of EPFO. Enter your UAN and password to access your account. In case you haven’t activated UAN, it can be done by hitting the tab on the website for generation of UAN. After this process, UAN gets activated within four working days.
  • Step 2: After entering in the portal, one can get access to online services available on website of EPFO. Here a person can track queries regarding status of claims, request for transferring which is needed if your employer has generated another UAN for tracking your account.
  • Step 3: There are many tabs located on the ribbon. You can see your UAN card, profile, and passbook address. Through passbook address you can view your PF account
  • Step 4: For viewing PF passbook, one must visit the official website of EPFO. Here you can find other details as well. Click on the Our Service Tab. Under this section hit the link “for employees”. For knowing the contribution of the employer, you need to click on “member passbook”.
  • Step 5: Once you click the “member passbook” link, you will be taken to another tab where you would be required to enter UAN and password used at the time of login
  • Step 6: After entering the details, you can know how much your employer has contributed towards your PF.

Government has formulated many beneficial schemes for employees who had to leave their present job due to physical disabilities. You can find the nearest EPFO office through the website. You can find information regarding online claims and other services through this online portal. The total amount can be withdrawn at the time of retirement, resignation or death. It can also be withdrawn for funding life insurance policies, paying for home loans, wedding, education planning of children or during illness.

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